A Brave New World: The Armistice and Beyond

6 October – 11 November 2018

 An exhibition to reflect upon our community’s past and to honour our lost heroes. Also important to question is what came next for those returning from the war, as people coming home were met with uncertainty and often hardship.

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Once, these men and women walked the same streets and knew the same places as those of us that are here today. The very least we can do is to cherish the memory of these brave souls.’

Courtesy of Joseph Ritson

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War, the Beacon Museum will be presenting an autumn exhibition entitled “A Brave New World; the Armistice and Beyond”.

Content for the displays was created by the museum in collaboration with The Whitehaven News, Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Whitehaven and the Friends of the Museum member Joseph Ritson. All have worked closely to bring to life the wartime experiences of local people whose extraordinary stories and intensely personal memories reveal the impact of the Great War.

The diverse stories of individuals and families uncover both familiar and surprising accounts of a war that profoundly changed the West of Cumbria.

Personal letters, diaries and artefacts show the love, excitement, fear, bravery, humour, grief, loss and longing that touched the lives of thousands throughout the area.

“This exhibition is about our community, our past and it is indeed a time to reflect and a time to honour our lost heroes. The exhibition also highlights what came next for those returning from the war, as people coming home were met with uncertainty and often hardship.”
The exhibition is also accompanied by a community project where a number of local schools will learn about their local war memorials. The aim is then for children to create over 1000 recycled poppies to adorn the green spaces of Copeland during this year’s very special remembrance period.” Alan Gillon, learning officer at the Beacon Museum.

Members of the public will also have the opportunity to create their own recycled poppies during the autumn half term at the Beacon Museum. 20- 28 October
For more information, visit www.thebeacon-whitehaven.co.uk

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