Floor 3: Copeland’s Changing Times

Copeland’s history dates back thousands of years, long before the Romans or Vikings landed.

Find out how Norse settlers travelled to our coast and made this area their home.  Discover how Whitehaven was transformed from a small fishing hamlet to one of the most important ports in the country by the influential Lowther family. Learn about the area’s American Connections and discover how merchant ships returned to port laden with exotic goods from around the world. Unravel the mysteries of timekeeping and navigation before joining the crew aboard the “Maria Lowther”.  Find out about the cramped living conditions of “Mount Pleasant” and relive great moments in history in our cinema.

Look out for:

  • Try your hand at making a digital Iron Age sword
  • Meet our Roman Soldier
  • Be dazzled by our Viking Silver
  • Scroll through our digital flip books
  • Discover our talking Lowther family tree
  • See yourself in outfits through the ages
  • Experience the sights and sounds of the Sea

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