29 June – 29 September 2019

New for Summer 2019, experience 2 distinct new exhibitions each from the Jorvik Group. Valhalla unpacks the Norse rites of death, and the stories associated with the afterlife in Norse culture.  See a Viking burial ship as it would have appeared in a Viking boat-burning funeral. Heroes is an interactive experience that reveals Norse sagas that related to their settling in the UK. Enter a storytelling tent and explore some 

West Cumbria boasts a rich Norse history, with numerous sites of interest, place names and instances of buried Norse artefacts harking back to Norse raiders known as Vikings and their more common peaceful counterparts who often integrated with the local population. 

Primarily, the coastal areas of Cumbria were influenced by relatively peaceful traders who traversed the Irish sea to the Isle of Man and Ireland trading in materials, foods and even slaves. 

Watch the video to see the discovery of the Beacon Museum’s own Norse hoard, found only a few miles away. 

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