Toys – old and new (KS1)

Session Duration: 1 hour

Find out about toys from the past and how they differ to those played with today. The activity session involves discovering and looking at a wide range of fascinating Victorian toys and how they compare with toys from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s through to modern toys.

Interactive learning

See clockwork toys in motion and discover how to use a whip and top.
Hear the hum of the humming top and the whizzing of cogs.
Touch original toys from the various decades.
Discuss the differences between traditional toys and modern toys. Which toys are better?


Session led by Museum Learning Officer

  • Objects include Pecking chickens, Spinning tops, Hoopla, Jacobs ladder, Mechanical clowns, Robots.
  • Activity sheets available – Object investigation.

New Curriculum links – History

Key Stage 1

  • Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality
  • Changes within living memory.
  • Geography, Citizenship, Literacy, Numeracy, Art and Design, science, IT.
  • Victorian Toys Topic box available.

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