Auschwitz: Understanding the Past, Facing the Future

13 January – 18 February


Having visited Auschwitz in 1993, Ayrshire based artist gordon Cockburn felt so profoundly moved to paint about the experience that a large part of the ensuing decade became dedicated to creating a collection of over 200 artworks.

Often unsettling, the images range from simple portraits to harrowing depictions of the fullest brutality of the holocaust. Auschwitz is perhaps the most widely known of the world war 2 concentration camps, and the very mention of the name Auschwitz today still invokes a strong reaction.  Within this exhibition it is not about the place, or even the deeds that took place there, but rather the legacy of the people behind such images as these.

This is the first time the collection has been displayed in England, and visitors will also have the chance to meet the artist on Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January. (1pm-4pm)

Please be aware that the content within this exhibition should be approached with consideration. Families may want to engage with museum staff before bringing children into the exhibition, as while there are some unsettling images, there are also opportunities to engage with younger generations on such topics and the Beacon Museum team will endevour to facilitate this.

This exhibition is free for Copeland Pass holders.

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