Hero or Villain?: Mythbusting Piracy

Saturday 8th April- Sunday 2nd July

Our perception of piracy is often shaped by what we see in films and the media today- loveable rogues and swashbuckling rebels.

In reality, piracy has always been a slippery concept. People labelled as villainous pirates by some have been seen as good businessmen, loyal patriots and even heroes to others.

This exciting new exhibition stems from a partnership with the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It features a unique bust of a so called “Barbary Pirate”, as well as telling the story of John Paul Jones, a naval captain turned privateer who once led a naval attack on Whitehaven. His example sits in that very grey moral area that this exhibition seeks to explore. As can be seen in the canon statue above, that attack is still well remembered to this day.

Featuring interactive activities for kids as well as featuring local artwork from school projects, this is a varied and engaging topical exhibition featuring a National loan object- which is a first for the Beacon museum.

8th April- 2nd July in the Light and Dark Gallery.

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