02.01.2020     The Copeland Pass has now come to an end

The pass has been live for 6 months of the calendar year for the last 3 years and has offered thousands of free visits to the Beacon Museum for Copeland residents.

 Most current members will find that their membership expired on 31 December, however some may go on past this date. Anyone whose pass expires in 2020 will have their free entry membership honoured until what would have been the end of the current pass period on Friday 27 March 2020.

 Each member affected will be notified individually by e-mail and a special members offer relating to the Annual Pass will be offered, redeemable during January 2020 only. 

 Copeland visitors will also be offered a number of free feature weekends during the course of 2020, during which they can visit the museum for free with special events and workshops.  

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