Waggonways to Whitehaven: West Cumbria on Rails

21 April- 3 June 2018

Discover the fascinating story that defined an age of steam and ingenuity in West Cumbria. From the origins of the Whitehaven waggon ways (formerly waggonways), to the boom period of rail travel in the late 19th century. The stories of success and tragedy only scratch the surface of a wider social and industrial narrative that continues today and will continue on into the future.

Featuring artefacts from across West Cumbria such as railway totem boards, nameplates and documents that mark key turning points in the story of rail. There will also be interactives for all ages. This is not an exhibition for railway affacianados, but it might well turn you into one!

Free entry for holders of the Copeland residents pass. Visitors with a Copeland address can apply for free during their next visit. Current pass period runs until 8 June 2018

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