Discover where the Vikings came from and what they looked like. Explore how they navigated across the seas, how they lived and what happened to them. Session duration: 2 hours


Hear about stories and poetry heard by Vikings over a thousand years ago, help re-enact a myth about Thor and his hammer and have fun with Viking riddles or ‘kennings’.
Touch some of the weapons that were used in Viking raids and in times of warfare and hold everyday items used at home.
Discuss the reasons why the Scandinavians left their homelands permanently to settle abroad and how they traded.
See realistic costumes of Viking warriors and settlers from 1000 years ago.


Session led by Museum Learning Officer

  • Replica objects include child-sized conical helmet, scales, ingots, weights, navigation equipment, sundial, cauldron, tripod, child dress and tunic, brooches, bead necklace, bow, arrows, axe, sword, shield.
  • Pre and post session activity suggestions supplied with every booking.
  • Viking artefact loan box available to be booked separately.