Bring the sights, sounds and smells of ancient Rome into the classroom. Original artefacts and some very fishy smells will bring the life and times of the Romans alive in your classroom. Session duration: 1 hour


See your friends dressed as a Roman, choose from a selection of costumes.
Hear about Roman inventions that have changed the way we live.
Touch real Roman artefacts from the Museum collection and see if you can discover how they were used.
Discuss why the Romans came to Britain. Would you like to have lived during Roman times?
Smell the Roman food delicacy fish sauce, garum.


Session led by Museum Learning Officer

  • Objects include 2000 year old Roman artefacts found in the Copeland area – including pottery, mortarium fragments, oil lamp, Roman toy, building fragments.
  • Replicas include tunic, tunica, stola, bracelet, strigil, lamp, wax tablet and stylus, mortarium, coins, knucklebones game, fish sauce.
  • Pre and post session activity suggestions supplied with every booking. Including ‘How to handle objects’ instructions.
  • Activity sheets available – object Investigation.
  • Roman Armour Session to be booked separately.


Key Stage 1

  • Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.

Key Stage 2

  • A local history study.
  • The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.

Key Stage 3

  • A local history study.
  • The study of an aspect or theme in British history that consolidates and extends pupils chronological knowledge from before 1066.

Other curriculum links

  • Geography, Citizenship, Literacy, Numeracy, Art and Design.