Harbour and Town Trail

West Cumbria with the Beacon Museum

There is more to discover at Whitehaven Harbour!

Use the West Cumbria with the Beacon Museum App to find points of interest along the trail and the use the GPS enabled map to track your progress.

The free app is available to download now on Apple or Android.

Developing new ways to captivate visitors, we have  just launched an app which will engage visitors not only in the museum – but well beyond its walls.

The “West Cumbria with the Beacon Museum” app guides its users on trails around the historic port of Whitehaven and wider West Cumbria. As you go along the trails you are introduced to famous historical characters from Whitehaven’s rich history – they interact with their surroundings and share their fascinating stories about life in the town.

There are two walking trails on the app: “Discover Whitehaven Harbour” and “In and Around Whitehaven.” They guide the user to “discover points” where you might “virtually” meet characters like Dr William Brownrigg, the doctor and scientist who practiced in Whitehaven in the 18th Century. Or you might bump into Hugh Lowther – The Yellow Earl – who had a penchant for the colour and enjoyed a rather colourful, free-spending life as the 5th Earl of Lonsdale.

The apps third trail, “Explore West Cumbria”, is aimed at families travelling in cars or on public transport. They can stop off at various points of interest including the Roman fort at Moresby, north of Whitehaven, the village of St Bees, Florence Mine or Swinside Stone Circle near Millom and many other places of interest in between.

The app supplies fascinating detail about the places you are viewing and adds value to the visitor experience. Bringing technology into the visitor experience is a great way of enhancing the experience for young and old alike. You can even capture photos of family and friends with the historical characters.