Pauls Puppets


10 August | 10.00am | 11.30am | 2.00pm | 3.15pm 

£5.00 per person (includes adults and children) plus general admission

Come along and join in with the comedy magic, with state of the art puppets, sing along with Olaf the snowman and meet a baby shark, as well as a naughty lion called Cecil. But be careful! He might just give you a kiss! 

**Please note that all adults AND children need to have a circus show ticket each, as well as museum admission.
E.g. Family of 2 adults and 2 children – Must purchase a family day ticket, then 4 x magic show tickets **

⭐️ Activity Cost – £5.00 per person for non-annual pass members or £4.00 per person for annual pass members.(Admission to museum required).

⭐️A parent/guardian must be present at all times

⭐️Places are limited, and booking is essential.

Please note that all visitors must have a valid general admission ticket or annual pass for entry. This can be purchased in advance online or when you arrive to the museum.